Daniel Wall

The symbolism of Daniel Wall

Daniel Wall

Quiet Love” (2014), Daniel Wall

Daniel Wall creates vivid and inspiring works, but behind the colorful impasto are symbols representing Wall’s desire to bring love and happiness to the lives of others.

The extraordinary art of Wall not only draws upon adeptly juxtaposing color for striking contrasts and effects, but also optimistic symbolism meant to stir positive and even romantic emotions in the viewer. Every aspect of Wall’s works, from the subjects and scenes to the techniques themselves, has a meaning behind it that Wall infuses with each stroke of his palette knife.

One of the most captivating aspects of Wall’s art is the vibrant color palette. Wall says his colors are inspired by the beauty found in nature and the world around us, and symbolize a bright future and happiness.

“I use different colors and different shaped trees to make my paintings colorful and beautiful to inspire people to appreciate the beauty of life,” he says. “I want the bright colors to inspire people to feel that every day is a good day.”

Daniel Wall

Thunder Road” (2014), Daniel Wall

He says trees represent a “beautiful life” because of the changes they go through during the four seasons. Throughout history, trees have been given deep and sacred meanings in certain religions and mythologies, such as the World Tree from Norse mythology.

“Trees and their life cycle are a good symbol for human experience,” he says.

Similarly, Wall says roads and paths in his paintings represent the “lovely path of life” people will take during their experiences. His own journey through the art world has taken him through China, Italy and the United States, leading to the creation of his “Intense Impressionism.”

Daniel Wall

View of Manarola” (2014), Daniel Wall

His visual representations also incorporate the sky, which represents freedom; light, which is symbolic for hope; and water, which is representative of emotions.

Umbrellas are featured throughout Wall’s works as well. According to “Tso Chun, Jin Book – Clothing and Chariot Records,” Luo umbrellas symbolized rank and status in ancient Chinese culture. Umbrellas were also considered signs of wealth and honor that were often used in wedding ceremonies. Wall, however, has provided a slightly different meaning to the accessory. In his paintings, the umbrellas held by the subjects in his works represent safety and protection.

Daniel Wall

A Romantic Chilly Night” (2014), Daniel Wall

Even the texture Wall creates with his impasto (layers of paint applied thickly) has meaning. According to Wall, the heavy paints stand for a “strong and powerful love.”

It’s been said that life can resemble an echo, where what you send out comes back. In the case of Wall, the happiness he puts forth in his paintings is only amplified by the knowledge that his work is making his collectors smile.

“Nothing can make me happier than seeing that people like my work,” he says.

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